Ladies 14kt Gold Filled Winged Bangle Bracelet


This feathery winged 14Kt gold filled bracelet makes a clear statement of elegance with its noticeable detail. You’ll be the most beautiful angel in the room wearing this stunning ladies 14kt gold filled winged bangle bracelet.

Treat yourself to this intricate piece of jewelry, or get it for the angel in your life to remind them how much you appreciate their presence.

With every purchase you make, you automatically contribute towards the St. Michael Armored Angel Relief Fund, a monetary grant for domestic violence victims. Shop at Armored Angels and get a chance to spread your wings and be angel in someone else’s life.


Featuring our Ladies 14Kt Gold Filled Winged Bangle Bracelet

Angel Jewelry for Protection against Domestic Violence and Abuse. Purchase a Ladies 14Kt Gold Filled Winged Bangle Bracelet today from our Domestic Violence Abuse Shop to support victims in their current situation. One purchase can assist towards relieving sufferers from their toxic situation and providing a new start to those in need


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