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We’re changing things for the better…Our St. Micheal Armored Angel Relief Fund helps pay expenses for an entire month for survivors. It also places shelter victims back into a residence. Know that when you purchase our merchandise or give a gift to Armored Angels, Inc. you really do change the life of a domestic violence survivor in need. Financial stability is key to their survival to the fullest. Your patronage or gift allows them a huge new start in financial stability so they may once again thrive in society and live life again. Please see below what the reality is for these survivors to endure. All they truly need is their freedom from the abuse.

Armored Angels, Inc. was founded by Diana Cherry, a survivor, who decided to fight back against a dysfunctional system. She wanted to envoke change for the greater good. Within her search to find a solution she came up with a concept to make one feel good while helping others. A message to the masses that by helping our Domestic Violence Victims, one can “Feel Good about Being Good“. By purchasing the Angel Themed products one also becomes an Armored Angel to help Diana in her fight for victims. By becoming an Armored Angel one can give hope to victims where there can be none.

Armored Angel Hands with Sword to Protect Against Domestic Violence Abuse
Man with Clenched Fist in Front of Woman - About to Commit Domestic Violence

Most vicitms are trapped in a bubble of inhumane behavior towards them daily…

It is abuse that goes on and on from their toxic abusers. A person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder will do anything to cause pain for their victim being that of all 4 types of abuse.

When a victim is able to attain an Order of Protection it can cause even more rage and fury in the abuser. That being said a victim literally gets further punishment for protecting oneself.

Diana found these numbers alarming…
In an article in the Huffington Post dated from 2014 states that 85% of women are victims of domestic violence and are held captive through physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and the last of the cycle is financial abuse. Granted 15% of these victims are men.

The Goal of the Abuser…
The main goal of the abuser is to destroy the target in any way possible to “Win” or to “Break them”. It is a demented mental state that their loved one is the person they wish to destroy.

Reference: Forbes Magazine Article, “Ten Toxic People You Should Avoid at all Costs” by Travis Bradberry…
Recent Research from Frederick Schiller University in Germany shows just how serious toxic people are. They found that exposure to stimuli that causes strong negative emotions, causes subjects brains to have a massive stress response. Furthering her research Diana found that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder along with Situation Depression and Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome (NAS) can follow these responses preventing victims from focusing on every day life. In other words they are not living, only suffering.

Once a victim is separated from the abuse they are in a realm “In Between Heaven and Hell”. They are away from their abuser yes but then the financial abuse has been placed upon them. Then there is the fear of not making ends meet, not having enough food and losing their home.

Winged Angel Hunched Over With Sword Trying to Stand Up Against Domestic Violence
Angel With Wings Flying with Freedom of Domestic Violence Abuse

Americans can and do critisize other countries for the treatment of their women and yes the oppression is astounding however what are we doing to our own women?  We’re abusing them, breaking them down, breaking their spirit, breaking them financially all the while expecting them to be the perfect mothers under this kind of duress.  It becomes  ironic when one thinks about how these women are abused and expected to “Rear Children While Being Abused”. 

When you look at the statistics, the reality is that there is very little help, very little hope and very little chance these vicims will make it especially with more than one child. The court system does very little for victims and what’s left? Many stressed mothers trying to make it against the odds.

What is Armored Angels, Inc?
Armored Angels, Inc. is a private foundation that sell angel themed high quality products which in turn help provide the “St. Michael Armored Angel Relief Fund” For Battered & Abused Women.

This Monetary Grant Program will pay up to $2500 per domestic violence recipient to help pay their rent or mortgage payment for one month, it will pay up all of the utilities (not just the disconnect notice), food and clothing will be in the form of a gift card. The monetary grants will be paid directly to their debtors.

The St. Michael Armored Angel Relief Fund can also take a victim who meets the criteria out of a shelter and place them back into a residence by paying the deposit, first months rent and connecting the utilities. The goal is to stabalize the victim and any children within a residence to prevent them from being another statistic of America’s homeless. Many of our suppliers are also survivors, People helping people, women helping women, survivors helping survivors.

Armored Angels Inc Logo - Knight Jewelry and Angel Jewelry - Illinois
Mother And Children Relaxing Together In Bed Because Domestic Violence was Prevented

Armored Angels, Inc plans go far beyond the website…
In the near future Armored Angels, Inc is planning “Concert for a Cause” events which will provide unique entertainment along with merchandise purchasing availability in the Springfield, IL and Chicago IL areas and expansion of our Earth Angel Clothing Label Casual and Formal designs for women and men.

Happy Healthy Families! Thats the Goal!