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Armored Angels, Inc. is a private foundation that sells angel themed products. A percentage of profits goes towards the St. Michael Armored Angel Relief fund. This unique fund is a financial grants program for domestic violence victims and like no other. We strive to provide both awareness  and protection for victims suffering from domestic violence through the sales of: angel jewelry, armored angel specific collectibles, apparel, and a variety of other products in our domestic violence abuse prevention shop.

These funds for domestic violence victims will help those exposed to reach a level of independence. Sufferers are left in a state of living in which dependence is still relied upon, and struggle is prevalent. Through the sales of our angel jewelry  and other products we can raise the funds necessary to separating victims of domestic violence form their toxic environment.   

Recipients who meet the criteria and are approved for our fund will receive grants of up to $2500. This amount is intended to assist victims of Domestic Abuse to:

• Pay their rent or mortgage for one month
• Pay up the balances on their utilities
• Obtain food and clothing in the form of a gift card

Grants will be paid directly to the recipients debtors. This domestic violence grant program has a nice twist to help victims in all different living situation

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