Cold Steel Medieval Martial Arts Practice Sword/Waster


If you want to wield a sword with precision you’ll need a train with a tool that approximates the size, feel and heft of a blade yet minimizes possible injury…

Made of the heaviest grade polypropylene this top of the line practice sword is virtually unbreakable and highly cur-resistant.  Approximately the size, feel and heft of a live blade, this practice sword can be wielded safely with its 10 inches (hand and a half) grip.  Overall length is 44 inches. It is by far one of the best on the market.  Whether beginning your sword training or continuing, this is an excellent choice.  Made of ultra sturdy polypropylene and resembles the “live blade” in terms of weight and size.

Material:  Black Polypropylene construction with circle pattern pommel
Blade Length:  32 ¼”
Handle Length:  7 ¼”
Overall Length: 39 ½”
Weight:  29.3 Oz.


Featuring our Cold Steel Medieval Martial Arts Practice Sword/Waster

Angel Accessories help raise funds for Protection against Domestic Violence and Abuse. Purchase a Cold Steel Medieval Martial Arts Practice Sword/Waster today from our Domestic Violence Abuse Shop to support victims in their current situation. One purchase can assist towards relieving sufferers from their toxic situation and providing a new start to those in need. Our cold steel sword introduces a durable design, representing the strength and perseverance behind victims of Domestic Violence. Purchase this sword in symbolism and recognition of an unbreakable character, as you continue to defend yourself through day and night (not by use of the sword but through personal strength; with this sword as symbolism)


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