Knights Templar Sword


A beautiful addition to any sword collection this full size one hand medieval sword is inspired by Knights Templar.  On the right hand of the guard is the alternative seal on a shield.  On the left hand side is a Crusader Cross, behind it is a shield.  Detailed scroll work with griffins is found along the rest of the guard.  On the handle are two golden medallions, one with a picture of a monk with his mouth sealed, the symbol of secrecy of the order.  The other medallion contains another Crusader cross which is the Holy equal sided cross awarded to the order by the King of Jerusalem.  On the steel pommel is a cut out of the cross in gold.


33″ Overall
22.5″ Stainless Steel Blade
Mirror Finished Blade
7″ Silver & Rose Gold Finish
Ornate Scabbard/Sheath Included


Featuring our Knights Templar Sword

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