Roman Gladius Sword


This elaborate Roman Gladius Sword has a 31 inch overall length with a blade length of 23 inches.  The blade of the Roman sword is unsharpened stainless steel and inscribed with faint Celtic knotwork down two-thirds of the blade.  The handle is simulated wood finish with a cast metal spacers.The guard and pommel are cast metal with an antique finish that are sculpted in elegant leaf designs.  The guard sports two gold colored medallions -one sporting the eagle and the other featuring a wolf with two babes.  The Roman Gladius Sword comes with a matching scabbard also decorated with a leaf design and a wooden tabletop display stand.

  • 31″ Overall Length
  • 23″ Stainless Steel Blade
  • Roman Soldier Style
  • Includes:  Scabbard and Wood Display Stand


Featuring our Roman Gladius Sword

Angel Accessories help raise funds for Protection against Domestic Violence and Abuse. Purchase a Roman Gladius Sword today from our Domestic Violence Abuse Shop to support victims in their current situation. One purchase can assist towards relieving sufferers from their toxic situation and providing a new start to those in need


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