Silver and Brass Tone Long Gold Wing Necklace


Handmade with utmost skill and craftsmanship, this uniquely designed necklace in silver & gold tone is adorned with intricate decorative beads.

This gorgeous silver and brass tone long gold wing necklace will instantly add so much class and elegance to any outfit!Top of Form It is sure to be the most impressive of your jewelry collection with its very large brass tone wing.

Purchase this beautiful piece of statement jewelry for yourself or your loved one from Armored Angels, and we will contribute a part of your money to a monetary grant helping victims of domestic violence! We could all use an angel in our life, this way you get to be one too!


Featuring our Silver and Brass Tone Long Gold Wing Necklace

Angel Jewelry for Protection against Domestic Violence and Abuse. Purchase a Silver and Brass Tone Long Gold Wing Necklace today from our Domestic Violence Abuse Shop to support victims in their current situation. One purchase can assist towards relieving sufferers from their toxic situation and providing a new start to those in need


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