Ladies Armored Angel Genuine Leather Bracelet


Made of genuine leather from Texas, this ladies armored angel genuine leather bracelet comes with a beautiful underlying message. The philosophy here is when you purchase you become an “Armored Angel” along with our founder in the fight for Women. This is true as every time you make a purchase from us, a part of your money automatically goes towards a monetary grant focused on helping victims of domestic violence.

The armored angel leather bracelet comes in White/Gold Silver tone, made of genuine leather with Tibetan Silver. It is a perfect fit for wrist sizes from 6.5-8 and also includes a 1.5 inch extender.


Featuring our Ladies Armored Angel Genuine Leather Bracelet

Angel Jewelry for Protection against Domestic Violence and Abuse. Purchase a Ladies Armored Angel Genuine Leather Bracelet today from our Domestic Violence Abuse Shop to support victims in their current situation. One purchase can assist towards relieving sufferers from their toxic situation and providing a new start to those in need


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